We all have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast provides energy, improves concentration, and leads to making healthier food choices throughout the day. Research has also shown students who eat breakfast perform better academically. It can be a challenge at first to eat while adjusting to braces. We have listed some braces-friendly breakfast ideas that can help you start the day off right.

For you cereal lovers, substitute oatmeal for those crunchy cereals to get your grains. Crunchy cereals can be risky with braces as you can break a bracket or pull the wire out. For those wanting something sweet in their oatmeal, try adding honey or fresh fruit.

Scrambled eggs are easy to eat and friendly on braces. You can add things to make them tastier for kids such as shredded cheese or try dipping them in ketchup.

Pancakes are a favorite in our house with the kids. They are gentle on thebraces and can be made healthier by adding fruits such as blueberries, bananas, or strawberries into the batter.

Smoothies can a great source of nutrients. Kids enjoy helping load up the blender and smoothies can be loaded with lots of healthy things such as spinach, bananas, strawberries, and yogurt. You can always do an google search to get new recipes or ideas for your smoothie ingredients.

Yogurt is always a great choice. Add some fruit to make it even healthier. They also make it easy to eat on the go as a healthy snack.

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